Postbank conducted its annual digital survey analyzing the recent trends in Germany.

The study provides many interesting perspectives on the new economy, crypto-currencies, cooperation with startups.

Today I would like to draw your attention to a couple of facts that I found refreshingly shocking.


Germans admit that they surf online more hours a week than a full-time job…

On average, every German spends 46.2 hours a week online surfing. The focus group between 18 and 34 years old surfs even more – 58 hours a week. Respondents also admitted that when they surf online at work, only 2.6 hours a week is required for their direct duties in the office. The rest is used for private reasons.

For the first time since the study started in 2015, smartphones usage exceeds laptop and notebook time.

Only those who are considered “digital immigrants”, people over 35 y.o. , prefer a mouse and a keyboard to the touchscreen.

Berlin is a leader in Germany both in terms of absolute Internet usage (56.4 h) and an increase since 2017 (+13h). Notably, Germans who live in cities use the Internet more often than those who live in villages.

Let’s be honest, these numbers are not that surprising. They simply state the facts we don’t want to admit. Internet surfing without any particular reason has become the TV of the 21st century. Instead of either dedicated rest or productive work, we tend to stay somewhere in the middle – we neither get a good rest, actually, we even feel more tired, nor do we spend our time productively.


What are my personal conclusions to become more focused, productive and have a more restful free time?

  1. First of all, remove all push notifications from my phone. Mute all WhatsApp groups and people who are not crucial in my life. If I answer their messages with 8-hour delay, nothing happens.
  2. Unsubscribe to all newsletters I don’t really need. The second option (which I actually prefer) is to create a second email account which I use for newsletters only. I read it once in 2-3 days and don’t get a constant flood of semi-spam emails.
  3. Add YouTube, Facebook, Instagram time counts and time limits. I am still searching for good apps. The one I can recommend now is StayFocusd Chrome add-in.
  4. Rely more on my watch. I absolutely love my Garmin watch not only for its movement, sleep, sports tracking functions. It also shows the notifications and reminders I put on my phone. It means I don’t have to look at my phone every 15 minutes with fear to miss something important.

If I have an important reminder, an email or a message I need to look at, my watch will vibrate gently and show me the message. Only if it essential, I will take the phone and respond to it.

How do you deal with your digital addictions?

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