Growth Alliance AgTech is an intensive five-day bootcamp tailored to startups aiming to revolutionise the agricultural sector through fresh new ideas and innovative applications of technology.


October, 14th

Participation criteria:

  • You are based in Germany
  • You are ready to scale your business idea
  • You are working on a solution for the reinvention of the agricultural landscape
  • You are geared for growth
  • You have a desire for supporting and creating innovative improvements for agriculture


  • Agricultural engineering & smart (livestock) farming
  • Climate & environmental protection
  • Improving animal welfare
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  • Efficiency & resource management
  • Cutting-edge technologies with an application in agriculture
  • Other solutions that may benefit agriculture
    • Automotive / Mobility
    • BioTech
    • GreenTech
    • Medicine
    • AI, Big Data / Smart Data, Machine Learning
    • Robotics


With a micro-accelerator approach (one-week duration), the Growth Alliance AgTech program provides opportunities to collaborate with corporates, network with potential partners and clients, and receive coaching about business modelling, setting KPIs, storytelling, pitching, along with several other essentials needed to grow a business and commercialize an innovation solution.

No equity taken!

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