Silicon Valley Girl

On this channel, a successful Youtuber, entrepreneur and an Instagram star Marina Mogilko shares her personal story, interviews other startups and talks about life in Silicon Valley. Her story started a couple of years ago, when she, still living in Sankt Petersburg in Russia, applied for the seed program at 500Startups – one of the most prestigious accelerators in California. was born. In 2018, Marina runs a company with over 55 employers, posts several videos a week on 3 youtube channels with >1m followers and tests cool cars.

John Fish

John is a nerd from Harvard who realized that his 4.0 GPA at this University might have been one the biggest mistakes he did in his entire life. He talks a lot about the importance of passion, student life and gives advice on how to get an A at Harvard – if you still want to… The cool thing is that he is an IT geek and his videos are not similar to those of psychologists, meditation experts or converted English teachers. This channel is priceless if you are still studying and thinking about your future.



Provocative, funny, motivational, crazy – that’s how I would describe Casey and his channel. There is a chance you would hate his style but there are at least 9m followers who absolutely adore him. “Do what you can’t” is Casey’s motto. Try it out!

Amy Landino

Amy is a self-made writer, speaker, social media expert and an entrepreneur. She shares her insights in a very structured, concise and inspirational way. Her advice on organization, blogging, personal brand and ideas about the side hustle would be beneficial not only for entrepreneurs but also for everybody who is trying to make a successful corporate career. A small hint for all English non-native speakers – Amy’s pronunciation is really brilliant. She is being recorded for English textbooks. Polishing your English would be another good reason to listen to her.



You already know – he is my favourite! These videos are the best example of simplicity, irony and still great content and real advice.

… to be continued …

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