Financial Times and McKinsey select the best business books every year. The submission starts in April and ends in June. In August, the jury publishes a long list with approximately 30 titles. What are the main business themes in 2018? The financial crisis of 2008 remains a topic even 10 years later; freelance economy and creative entrepreneurship is at the peak of the public attention; gender equality becomes one of the major topics of 2018. Here are some highlights:

Capitalism in America, by Alan Greenspan and Adrian Wooldridge is an entertaining history of US economics and business, written by a former chairman of the US Federal Reserve.

Crashed by Adam Tooze is a recently published x hundred-page analysis of the global financial crisis.  Reviewing Crashed for the Financial Times, Martin Wolf called it a “detailed and superbly researched account”. The author draws connections between the financial crisis and Brexit.

The Bank That Lived A Little by Philip Augar is another great read for everybody interested in finance. It is the story of Barclays described in all details and full of insider stories.

Damaged Goods by Oliver Shah belongs to Sunday Times Top 10 bestsellers.

Bad Blood by John Carreyrou is the book from this list I am going to download right now. It is a “tale of the rise and fall of Theranos, the blood-testing firm founded by Elizabeth Holmes”. The FT pointed out that Bad Blood was also a “blistering critique of Silicon Valley” and its “rotten culture”. It is full of breathtaking insider stories and intriguing anecdotes.

In a soon-to-be-published Billion Dollar Whale, Tom Wright and Bradley Hope tell the extraordinary story about the scandal-ridden 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) state investment fund. This is a story about a modern Gatsby who fooled Wall Street, Hollywood and the entire World. The book can be pre-ordered now.

In Gigged, Sarah Kessler explores “the growing gig economy, based on first-hand accounts from workers, such as Uber drivers and freelance software developers”. Sarah’s main idea is that full-time jobs are disappearing, the era of freelancers is coming.

The Billionaire Raj by James Crabtree is a “report from the front lines of India’s gilded age and depicts a country at an exciting but dangerous tipping point between growth and graft.”

Brotopia by Emily Chang is a manifest against discrimination in which the author “traces the roots of the “boys’ club” of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in her astute and timely analysis of discrimination in the tech sector”. The FT called it “an important examination of why the technology industry is so dominated by men — and how women are pushing back”.

All books mentioned here are definitely worth being awarded the main prize of “THE Business Book of 2018” in November 2018. Which one is your favourite?

Source: Financial Times

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