Are you interested in blockchain and passionate about the aviation industry? This is a perfect acceleration program for your business idea. You will get a chance to meet Senior management from Lufthansa and pitch your start-up.

The aviation business is not just about aircraft, it is also about logistics, maintenance and customer service.

There are 3 categories:

  1. Aviation challenge: Make airline operations flawless and more accurate
  2. Traveller challenge: Make the travel experience more efficient and convenient
  3. Supplier challenge: Make Supply Chain & Maintenance transparent and interconnected

Deadline: 31.08.2018


  • A Global stage for your idea incl. international press coverage and media awareness
  • Potential pilot project with Lufthansa Group
  • Professional mentoring for all shortlisted teams
  • Possibility to pitch in front of senior management
  • Coverage of travel expenses (up to 2500€ per team)
  • Finalists can get access to Blockchain-as-a-Service from SAP in order to build or improve their MVP
  • Office space for up to 3 months in the Berlin ecosystem
  • NO EQUITY is taken


  • Early-stage startups are welcome just like any other team, without a registered company.
  • All ideas should solve one problem of our three categories with a sharp Blockchain-based solution.
  • Just like Blockchain, good ideas are spread all over the world. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are based in Germany or if your company was founded in Bora Bora…
  • Even if your home base is in Bora Bora, the finalists must be physically present at the Lufthansa Innovation Forum in Frankfurt, Germany 23. October 2018 to pitch.




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